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film and audiovisual production company

Founded in April 2010 by producer Fernando Centeio, ZulFilmes is a film and television company acting from the development of ideas and projects, to their production, post-production, distribution and sales.

Dedicating its activity to the documentary film making in Portugal, ZulFilmes was born with the ambition to work with directors, authors and screenwriters, who develop an original and provocative cinematographic language in their approach to themes, environments and universes sometimes inspired by other disciplines and arts.

TAPETE VOADOR; ONCE UPON A TIME, based on the poetic work of Ruy Belo and VIEIRARPAD, based on the correspondence between the painters Vieira da Silva and Arpad Szènes, are some of the feature films that cross lives and singular works, bringing the articulation between research and creativity to the big screen.

Our feature films were premiered at festivals all over the world, in cities such as Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Iran, New York, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba, at the same time. that we have expanded our activities through international co-productions in Spain, Chile, Brazil, France and Costa Rica.

Collaborating assiduously with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, for which it produced seven documentary films, Zulfilmes has several types of projects in its catalogue – videoclips, institutional videos, fiction and documentary, as well as film cycles.

We broaden new horizons and possibilities, as much as new projects and visions challenge us. 

Fernando Centeio | Produtor +351 915 809 598

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