About the producer

Fernando Manuel M. Centeio

Was born in July 1967.

Film Producer who owns a production and distribution company founded in 2010, ZulFilmes. Mostly producing documentary films, his passion after a long professional career began in 1989.

Collaborated with national and foreign productions, especially Amok Joël Farges , El Perro del Hortelano Pilar Miró , La Sirene Rouge Olivier Megaton among  many others. Especially highlighting, Belle Epoque by Fernando Trueba, which received an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1992.

In the area of production, he was the Producer of documentaries like O Tapete Voador, by João Mário Grilo and Prova de Contacto – José Guimarães – the same director among others

In co – productions such as 2 Rivales Casí Iguales, Miguel Angel Buttini.

Took the role of Line Producer and Executive Producer on films such as Passagem da Noite by Luís Filipe Rocha, Lá Fora by Fernando Lopes, Noite Escura by João Canijo , Lobos by José Nascimento and the production of Father and Son by Russian master Alexander Soukurov.

His academic work began at the University of Évora (Film Production Workshop 2006/7 ), teacher and project manager in the Modern University.  Since 2007 he teaches Production Strategies, Atelier de Production, Animation Production Strategies and co-ordinates the Final Degree Projects in Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies in Lisbon and also ETIC modules and workshops.

Since forever-reconciled filmmaking with television fiction production and also entertainment, collaborating in various series and formats.