About ZulFilmes

Founded in April 2010 by the producer Fernando Centeio, ZulFilmes is a production film company in the development of ideas and projects in its Production, Post-production Distribution and Sales.


Development and Production as the main activity and purpose, by their awareness of distant issues that affect us as human beings conscious of others’ realities that touch of relevance of the human condition, providing a unique vision of a common reality, of a particular place or community, an ever more global world, where problems are shared and increasingly globalizing.


Since its origin, the ZulFilmes has developed a very particular project – with the writer and director João Mário Grilo, in the production of some works of excellence and quality in a variety of disciplines from painting to sculpture, passing the architecture, literature and music.


Development and Production of short or feature film projects, national and international series for television and other audiovisual projects of particular relevance, occupy in ZulFilmes a place very special and also it determines its activity.

We have the ambition to work with filmmakers, authors and writers, who develop a unique cinematic language, surprising and provocative in their approach to themes, environments and universes sometimes inspired by other disciplines and arts, which may very contribute to the visual and narrative enrichment projects produced by ZulFilmes.
We are an Independent Production and Distributor Company, with registration at the ICA (Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual) seeks to diversify its range and production, from Portugal to Europe and the world, particularly in countries with Portuguese language and expression, but also in association and partnership with other European and world producers, in Co-production arrangements, Executive Production and Services.
ZulFilmes is located in Chiado, the heart of Lisbon, Portugal , offers an editing room (FinalCut, DaVinci and After Effects) for the post-production of their projects, but also for external productions.
We look for talent and creativity to develop ideas and projects, offers Work, Commitment, Determination, Experience and Sensibility in the conduct and realization of their PROJECTS.